Statement of Tehran Provincial Standard Readiness for Cooperation with Municipalities to Protect Children in Urban Gardens

The standardization of the equipment for playgrounds Congress on July 15, 2018, with the presence of the Director General of the Tehran Provincial Bureau of Standardization, the managers and officials of the Urban and Green Services of the Tehran Municipality and the Iran Standard and Quality Inspection, in order to inform the Standards of Playgrounds Urban and its implementation was carried out by the General Directorate of the Tehran Provincial Office.
Dr. Taheri, Director of Iran at the ceremony, said that our main focus is on standardization to ensure the safety of children when playing in the playgrounds of gardens, said: To this end, ready to help municipalities, administrators and beneficiaries The field gardens are through detailed training, accurate inspections to extract non-conformities.
He added: “The most important part of the standardization of the playground equipment in urban gardens is the purchase of standard equipment from producers who have been producing gaming gear in accordance with the standard requirements.” In addition, taking into account standard conditions when installing equipment, as well as their maintenance and maintenance in accordance with existing standards, should be taken into consideration by the authorities, operators and contractors for the construction and maintenance of children’s playgrounds.

In this conference, while showing some of the bugs observed in the inspections of some playground equipment, the procedures for obtaining standard equipment approval were described.

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