Standardization of recreational equipment for kindergartens

The inspection and standardization of gaming equipment in kindergartens in Tehran province was started under the supervision of the General Directorate of Tehran Province and in cooperation with Iran Quality and Standards Inspection Company.
This plan is based on the agreement between the General Directorate of Tehran province and the welfare organization of the country, according to which all play equipment in kindergartens in Tehran province, based on national standards and aimed at maintaining children’s health and improving the level of safety of play equipment in kindergartens, Inspected.
Iran Quality and Standard Quality Inspection (ISQI) also acts as the standard operating arm of the organization.

Standardization of recreational equipment has been subject to mandatory enforcement standards since 2009.

In this regard, the General Directorate of the province of Tehran, with the aim of identifying the deficiencies and the status of these equipment and standardizing it, has started the inspection of the nursery playground equipment, which completed the first stage of identification of kindergartens and the collection of relevant information. In the next step, inspection of the equipment is carried out and reports are submitted to the competent authorities for consideration. It should be noted that kindergarten administrators must ensure the standard of gaming equipment before purchasing gaming equipment and refer to this standard office for obtaining permission during installation.
Visit of Kindergarten Play Equipment, which has been distributed in the Tehran channel 5 News is:

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