Iran Standard and Quality Inspection Company was evaluated based on the INQA model

The evaluation of Iran Standard and Quality Inspection in the National Quality Award was held on Saturday, November 27th, with the presence of the CEO along with the deputies and all directors of Iran Quality and Standard Quality Inspection, as well as the National Quality Award Assessors.
The evaluation was carried out over two consecutive days based on the INQA model and ended on Sunday, November 28th. The Iranian National Quality Assessment (INQA) model has seven criteria from leadership and management to processes, personnel and resources, based on the two principles of “learning” and “creativity and innovation” centered on leadership and management. Accordingly, organizations must evaluate themselves in the field of empowerment and results based on the National Iranian Quality Assessment Model, and submit the results to the secretariat of the National Quality Award as a declaration to the Secretariat.
It should be noted that the organizations selected on the above levels by the National Quality Award of Iran are introduced on the National Quality Day in November each year.


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