Handling Automotive and Home Appliance Customer Complaints

The complaint unit of Iran  Standard and Quality Inspection deal  with the complaints of those customers who did not obtain a result despite the reference to the suppliers and / or after-sales services, and they are introduced or referred to this unit through the relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, the Industry Organization, mining and trade of the province, the organization for protecting the rights of consumers and producers, and we investigate and review the subject matter of the complaint in the context of current rules and regulations.

Assigned missions

– Examining the problems of cars and goods delivered in the framework of current regulations

– Tracking quality product and after-sales services from received complaints

– Visiting and preparing reports of recurrent accidents and defects

– Provide feedback for any preventive and corrective measures to improve the quality of products and services.

– Carry out all missions by the upstream organizations

– Responding to complaints from organizations, institutions and authorities

Customer complaints are firstly handled by the clients of the supplier companies, and in case of dissatisfaction, you can file a complaint through the Industry, Mine and Trade Organization of the relevant province or the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade of the City of Residence Take action yourself.


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