The Beginning of the third round of the Futsal Cup with Quality Slogans from Standard to Quality

The third round of the Quality Cup Futsal, with the participation of the Futsal teams of the General Directorate of Tehran Province, the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization, the Consumer Protection and Productivity Authority, the Environmental Protection Agency, ITRAIK and the ISQI Corporation, in pursuit of the objectives of the Council for Promotion of Standard Culture in Tehran’s Development The communication and collaboration of regulatory bodies in the field of standard and quality began on Sunday, October 14th.
In the first week of the tournament, the Consumer Protection and Productivity Group teams competed with the Environmental Protection Agency and ITRAK with the Iran Standards and Quality Inspection Company, which defeated the support organization with a score of 7-2 for the environmental team and the ISQI team With a 1-goal difference, he handed the game to the ITRAK team.
It should be noted that this weekend the competition (Saturday, November 3th), the team IDRO and ISQI will compete.





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