Appreciation of the chess champions of the Ramadan Cup of Iran Quality and Standard Quality Inspection

Celebration ceremony of the winners of the eighth Ramadan Cup chess tournament The Iranian Quality and Standard Quality Inspection Company was held on Monday, July 16, with the participation of the company’s CEO.

According to ISQI Public Relations, during the ceremony, Ashkan Golpayegani, CEO of Iran Quality and Standards Quality Inspection, emphasized on the positive impact of chess on the efficiency of colleagues by increasing concentration as well as planning and forecasting power: The company will be more and more active and interested partners in such participatory programs.

He also pointed out the progress of the participants in this period and his greater competition over the past few years: “By coherent planning to develop the ability of enthusiasts, we can also think of forming teams and outsourcing competitions.

Golpayegani added that the active participation of colleagues in such activities is of particular importance because it increases the spirit of cooperation and motivation among participants.

Furthermore , awards from the first to third place of the eighth chess competition were awarded by the CEO. Other participants and organizers of the competition were also honored.


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