Customer loyalty to after sales service dealers in Iran

How is the loyalty of customers of after sales service dealers in Iran?

Iran Quality and Standard Quality Inspection Company inspected the loyalty of customers of after sales service car dealers using the NPS index.

Different evaluation indicators play an important role in brand management and move towards mid-term and long-term strategies. Income, profit or loss, customer satisfaction score, and loyalty index of organizations targeting tools in different domains, and functional and planning indicators are defined accordingly. In today’s world, customers, in addition to being able to choose and decide on their own purchases, can also influence the decision of others in buying. Therefore, it should be possible to help with an indicator of the extent to which customers are influenced by others, and subsequently become aware of the overall sales. The automotive industry is one of the industries in which customer loyalty is important in the area of product sales or in the after-sales service. One of the most popular tools in measuring loyalty of customers, especially in the automotive industry, is the NPS index. Therefore, the ISQI, in its latest research, examined the loyalty of customers of the after sales service network of 21 Iranian car manufacturer and importer companies using the NPS index.

Initially, we introduced the NPS index, then some of the results are presented.

What is NPS?

The Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is a tool to measure customer loyalty and loyalty.

It is also used to measure customer experience in the purchase and use of that brand and as a result of business growth forecasting. The speed and simplicity of this tool has made this technique known in recent years as one of the most popular tools to measure customer loyalty.

To better understand NPS, you should always consider this question:

How much is it possible to recommend services / brand / products to your friends or colleagues?

The NPS is calculated based on the answer to key questions based on the range of 0 to 10.

Answers are categorized based on the following criteria:

Advisers (points 9-10):

Loyal loyalists who continue to buy this product and recommend it to others and are the driving force behind the progress.

Passive (points 8-7):

They are content about the product or service, but the fans are not loyal and will consider the same offer of competitors.

Opponents (0-6):

Disruptive customers that cause brand damage and deny brand growth by saying negative words to others.

One of the most widely used fields is the use of NPS in the automotive industry

Considering the nature of the industry, using the various recommendations when buying a car is very common.

There are always friends and acquaintances who used to use it and have a few suggestions about it.

In recent years, various scientific and statistical centers have been evaluating and reporting on the NPS index among different countries.

International NPS Patterns

TemKin Group One of the most active in the field of customer research, consultancy and training in the United States that annually evaluates and publishes the NPS index in various industries. The results of the company’s sixth research (2017) shows in the automotive industry, NPS index in the automotive after-sales service agencies in the United States is 43%.

Info graphics follows the results from Google Trends on the NPS Industry Indicator across the world

The high blue color indicates the NPS indicator is high.

As you can see, the NPS index is the automotive industry in the advanced industrial countries more than other countries

Calculation of customer loyalty to the after sales service network in Iran

The results of the company’s Quality and Standard Quality Inspection (IRI) survey were obtained from an interview with about 321 thousand customers of the after sales service network of 21 automobile companies in the summer of 1397.

The net index of promoters (NPS) after-sales services of the country’s automotive industry in this study was 9.2%.

94.6% of the clients are men and the rest are women, as well as the customer satisfaction rating of after-sales service in Iran, 725 from 1,000. The customer satisfaction rating is calculated based on the scores obtained in the functional and perceived performance of the after sales service in the automotive industry.

The results of this research are presented in the following info graphic map in different provinces of Iran.

As it is known, Ardabil province has the highest number of 20.8% in NPS and Hormozgan province, with the lowest number of 1.5% in NPS index among different provinces of Iran.

One of the most important results of this research is the NPS index by brand and country of origin of the manufacturer of used cars in Iran, summarizing these results by car brand and manufacturer’s country of origin in the form below. Japan’s manufacturing vehicles with the highest NPS index of 17.6%, as well as China’s manufacturing vehicles, were the lowest NPS index with an average of 0.2% among consumers in Iran. Is. It should be noted that the number of Italian manufactured cars in Iran (Alfa Romeo brand only) is much lower than other brands in the Iranian market, and therefore the NPS number can not be quoted.

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