President’s Message

      President’s Message

      Balanced development improves quality of life and promotes economic and social level in the country. According to the country's industrial development, it is urgent that standards and quality assurance industries have been promoted as the other countries. Iran Standard & Quality Inspection Company has a huge responsibility for goods and services inspection as the largest inspected firm in Iran more over 25 years.

      It is indispensable that we develop and implement standards and procedures in different areas by means of distinguished experts, according to growth of the different industries and enhancing position of various services such as banking, hospitality, insurance and so forth,.
      In addition, the ultimate goal of the company is the quality of services and productions improvement and consequently customer satisfaction increase in all industries and services.

      Medium-term, long-term, human resource planning and development have the great impact on the quality of various industries enhancement. This is one of the key reasons in the country development and the quality of life improvement for all fellow Iranians.
      Accordingly, we expect that we achieve this goal and improve the quality of Iran's industries in accordance with potential of ISQI.

      Ali Taraghijah

پورتال سامان
کلیه حقوق متعلق به شرکت بازرسی کیفیت و استاندارد ایران می باشد.
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