Quality Policy

      Quality Policy

      ISQI pursues their professional activities and their commitments to achieve the following objectives in compliance with the standards and national and international rules and regulations in quality, safety, health and environment:
      • Identify and meet the needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders in order to increase their level of satisfaction.
      • Identify and implement individual and group talents and the promotion of knowledge, technical knowledge, practical skills and staff training to
      • Utilize the new science and technology, and access to sophisticated equipment and laboratory inspection.
      • Prevention of human injury and environmental pollution to reduce activities risks and to optimize the use of resources.
      • Communicate and interact with employees, customers and other stakeholders appropriately and effectively in order to maximize their collaboration.
      • Promote the spirit of cooperation, punctuality, efficient discipline for respectful and pleasant greeting to deal with customers.
      • Give variety to inspection services and increase market share
      In this way, all services and processes of management system in the company is based upon international standards ISO 9001, ISO 17020, HSE-MS and ISO / TS 29001 guideline (merely in oil, gas and petrochemical inspection) and it is being improved constantly.
      Periodic management reviews are held as the basis for updating this statement and ensuring about comprehending of all organization levels.
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