ISQI in Brief

      ISQI in Brief

      Nowadays, safety, quality and environmental protection have a particular importance in human societies. Inspection firms’ services also play a pivotal role in this.
      In this regard, in 1989 with the aim of providing technical, engineering, consulting and research services, “Iran Standard and Quality Inspection Company (ISQI)” was founded to promoting the quality of products and protection of consumer rights, formulation of standards required by industries and supervising the proper implementation of projects and proper providing of services. ISQI has been able to absorb and exploit the potential of more than thousands of trained and experienced experts within and outside the country, and provides qualitative and valuable services to customers in the different fields such as technical inspection and providing of engineering and consulting services in the various industrial sections and possession of quality management and safety management systems, occupational and environmental health, and qualifying made by competent authorities such as Strategic and Surveillance Presidential Deputy, Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI), Ministry of Industry, Mine and Commerce, Department of Environment, Organization of Consumers and Producers Protection, Islamic Republic of Iran Central Bank, National oil, gas and energy companies with more than two decades activities.
      Enhance the company's reputation as the best selection for local and international clients, as trustworthy and  awareness company with professional ethics and interests selection of stakeholders.
      Perform activities in the fields of inspection, engineering and consulting services in the industrial and services sections based upon quality improvement, increase safety and reduction of environmental pollutants within and outside the country.
      ISQI’s organizational values
      Customer Orientation:
      We recognize understanding the demands and needs of customers and responding to them as our responsibility in order to gain their consent because we do believe that our customers are our business partners.
      Meritocracy and human dignity:
      Activities frontispiece in the company's human resources department is the use of specialists with the best ability and specialization and honoring them.
      Thought Orientation:
      Rely on sound economic logic to map the path of creating the added value as well as creating new solutions and innovative.
      Collaboration and teamwork:
      All activities are participatory as the main policy of the company.
      Radical change and continuous improvement:
      The company emphasizes the use of creativity and innovation and quality improvement in processes and operations in order to have the best efficacy.
      Ethics Orientation:
      We are committed to do our duties with integrity, honesty and professional secrecy in a transparent manner precisely and timely.
      Safety and Environmental Protection:
      The company has a special consideration to protect the environment and prevent waste of resources by emphasizing on improving safety culture.

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