Celebration of Women’s Day at ISQI

Celebration of Women’s Day on the Occasion of Fatemeh Zahra’s Birth, was held on Wednesday, March 7th, at the place of Iran Standard & Quality Inspection Company.

According to the Public Relations Dept. of ISQI, during the ceremony, Ashkan Golpayegani, the managing director of Iran Standard & Quality Inspection Company, while emphasizing on the importance of women’s role in society, has referred to women’s attendance in key positions of the company and said: “Women have high concentration and sense of responsibility which have led to their presence in activities related to quality, safety and environment.”

“The ceremony, which is held on an annual basis, not only appreciates the sublime position of women, but also has a positive effect on enhancing friendship between fellow women due to the intimate atmosphere which is dominant,” he continued.

In the following, the female managers of ISQI have had speeches in which they appreciated the managing director’s trust in more selecting and appointing women in management positions and have shared their patterns of success with others.


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